Saturday, January 15, 2011

Richard on Facebook

Monse Richard Morris and Michael AndreOx

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    • Pamela Hesser wow!
      Thursday at 9:10pm ·
    • Jeanette Cave awwww, thank you, suzinn and thank you, Michael, for being there for him...this is the dear, dear man who talked to us nightly, perhaps even when he wasn't feeling too good
      Thursday at 10:52pm ·
    • Pamela Hesser I have one of his books. I cherish it.
      Thursday at 11:31pm ·
    • Mary Butkovich Byberg i remember kind
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    • Michael Andre Richard was unusually helpful and always reasonable and answered almost every letter within a day.
      Yesterday at 3:00am ·
    • Jeanette Cave
      at one point, he was voted the sexiest man in books and lit...we took the 'vote' at varying times throughout a few days...I can't even remember who was involved in or initiated this, (I didn't do anything but cast my vote)...he was quite pl...eased when we told him that most of the women in books and lit said that intelligence was far, far sexier than any of the other criteria...I remember his reaction, a little shy, a little embarrassed but extremely flattered and pleased.

      When people were debating and correcting others about physics and things that Richard specialized in, I would IM him and say, "Is this driving you crazy?" He answered, "No, actually I find it amusing that neither of these guys knows what on earth they are talking about but they both think themselves absolutely right!" (or something along that line)

      I was always amazed by his patient advise re: writing and his encouragement. He was in several of our clubs where we would try our hands at group writing efforts or post our articles or poems and he was always encouraging and never overly critical. I'll bet he was a wonderful professor!

      One of my strongest personal memories involved a night when he and 'long-legged fly' were in the room and I said something about being too undereducated to join the discussion and they both came back at me not to ever say that about myself again. Richard told me that he knew people with Masters Degrees who weren't even half so meant a LOT to me that he said that...I will remember it always.

      Regarding books we'd read, he and I both contended that some of the books we read we had read before some of the people in the room were even born so asking us to discuss it was like asking us to pull some vague memory out of our hats.

      Okay, these are fond memories...but they still make me sad...wish he were here.

      (okay, sorry about the long post...*sighs*...yet AGAIN!)
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    • Jeanette Cave hahaha, I clicked on my own to 'like' it...I'm so dorky...I meant to 'expand it'...


Blogger Michael Andre said...

Jeanette Cave writes me about Richard (who was nicknamed Monsie) --

I remember doing a tribute (or memories of...) to Monsie but I think I might have just sent that to you via e-mail, come to think of it. I think you had just asked me for some of my fondest memories of him...but there were so many. I loved the fact that people thought that he had no sense of humor but I found his sense of humor VERY sharp and very witty...he just didn't use 'corner barstool' humor in any way and wasn't interested in childishness.

My biggest argument with him was something about prostitution and the demeaning of women, he argued that many women find it a wonderful way to make income and don't feel the least demeaned by their choice of 'career'. At the time, I seemed 'prudish' to him...I'm really not. That disagreement is lost to the archives of another incarnation of the anarchy group before a disgruntled member deleted's just as well, huh?

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